15 October 2020
photo article blog launch elyps clothing brand sportswear custmization

We set out on this adventure some months ago…  Having researched the materials, received our first prototypes, and run test prints, it is now time for us to officially announce the launch of Elyps Clothing!

What is Elyps Clothing?

We are a sportswear clothing brand specialising in personalisation.  Our team draws on outdoor sports, as well as art for inspiration, creating a brand which fits a lifestyle, rather than one that fits a single purpose!  We all see the world through a different lens, but we are all motivated by the same concept: enabling everyone to express themselves and assert their own creativity and style through a broad range of textiles, techniques, and quality clothing.

photo article blog launch elyps clothing brand sportswear custmization

Elyps Clothing is also a mindset…

We believe everyone should be free to define their own feats (*)!  Be it in sport or in everyday life, every success matters! 

Using customization, we invite everyone to map out their own path, their own style, and to wear clothes that reflect their image, empowering them to rise to any challenge!  We do all our planning and designing in France and everything is manufactured in Europe so that we can maintain a level of respect for the environment and share our values with those we collaborate with. 

(*) Design Your Feats

If you want to keep a close eye on what we’re up to and our first collections, follow our social media:  Follow us on Facebook & Instagram !

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