24 February 2021
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At Elyps Clothing, we all come from different worlds, but we are all driven by the same desire: to allow each of you to express your creativity and assert your style through complete, technical and quality textile ranges.

We really wanted to build a brand different from the others. And that goes through the products developed in-house, but also through customisation, a concept at the heart of everything for our brand!

Through customisation, you are invited to find your way, your style, and to wear clothes in your image where you will feel able to take up any challenge! Everything is thought out in France and produced in Europe to guarantee respect for the environment and to share our values with our contributors

elyps clothing marque sportswear custom textile brand

Customisation: the key word at Elyps Clothing

Personalise, customise… Whatever the term used, the result is the same: giving an original and unique character thanks to a piece that you take hold of and that is initially mass-produced. For us, customisation breathes a real wind of freedom. We believe that the expression of oneself, one’s art and personality has become essential, especially on textiles.

At Elyps Clothing, we want to give you the possibility to choose the colours, the patterns, and even to import your own creations to have them printed on our products. The idea is also to keep an aesthetic and general harmony throughout our collection. Each customisation area is therefore defined in advance by our creative team!

The personalisation of our products is meant to be subtle and accompanied. The entire creation phase takes place directly on our online personalisation module! Specially developed by us, our tool is full of intuitive options to give free rein to your imagination. I’ve been told that a 3D preview of the customised product will be available…

What about printing?

All our products are designed and conceived to be personalised and produced individually, thanks in particular to sublimation. Dye sublimation is a new generation digital printing technique that allows you to print high-definition visuals. This technology provides unparalleled print quality and durability.

elyps clothing customised brand streetwear sportswear sublimation

Taking care of our planet

It’s no secret that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world. This is one of the reasons why all our production is in Europe, to reduce distribution channels as much as possible, to guarantee ethical production and quality items.

The fact that we are able to customise the products we offer accentuates this desire to reduce our impact on our beautiful planet as much as possible. A product that you have personalised will be more adapted to your needs and will correspond more to your expectations. No more mass production and unsold potential at the end of the season, since your T-shirt or cap will be produced individually.

Design Your Feats…

Through our collections, our aim is to be part of a local and responsible production approach and to become a must-have in the sportswear world of consumers.

Ready to design exploits with us?

If you already have the inspiration for your designs, you can share them with us at contact@elyps-clothing.com.

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