5 January 2021
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A real hat-trick for Elyps Clothing, since after the T-shirt and the socks, we unveil the third product of our future collection: the cap!

If you have been methodically following our progress for almost a month now, thank you! For the others, discover the brand and our first products right here.

Elyps clothing : the cap

Largely inspired by board sports, our 5 Panels cap will follow you for your sports outings as well as for showing off in afterwork with colleagues (post-confinement of course!). Just like the t-shirt and sock presented the previous weeks, our cap is 360! Moreover, our entire collection will be, our technical and light materials offering comfort and performance.

Several elements make  the cap. Let’s first talk about the materials: the majority of our 5 Panels is made of lightweight polyester, which is pleasant to wear and soft to the touch. As for the sides, they are the areas of our head that warm up the most during the effort. So we’ve placed airy mesh inserts in them to let your mind breathe and prevent excess perspiration. In short, you’ll keep a cool head under all circumstances!

On the inside, you’ll find the eternal anti-perspirant strips typical of street caps. Ours has the particularity of being reinforced with an ultra-light foam to absorb a maximum of humidity and prevent the cap from being damaged in the long term.

Artists at heart, don’t worry, the underside of the visor can be personalised! In fact, our visor is made of a thin sheet of flexible plastic to fit the shape of the forehead when the cap is worn.

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Design your feats…

Enjoy yourself, create your own style and match your socks with any sneakers, whether it’s snowing, windy or sunny! Change the colours, create your own design… You’re the artist!

Through our collections, our goal is to be part of a local and responsible production approach and to become a must in the sportswear world of consumers. So, ready to design your feats with us?

For those who are already following us on the social medias, hats off (and thank you)! For the others, go on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with what’s new!

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