18 January 2021
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If you’ve been following our progress on a weekly basis since October, you’re the real deal. Thank you for your support! Already nostalgic for the backstage of our previous products? Would you like to know the history of the brand down to your fingertips? Click here to (re)discover everything.

Ultimate (but not least) product of our future first collection… Today, ladies and gentlemen, drum rolls, here comes the neckwarmer!

Elyps Clothing : the neckwarmer

When the team started to think about the collection plan and select the products that would be available for our first collection, we made it a point of honour to ensure that all sports and outdoor activities were represented. The T-shirt is quite universal, but the 5 Panels cap reminds us of skateboarding and surfing, the socks rather remind us of board sports and running… Something rather wintery, reminiscent of skiing and snowboarding was missing. The clothing division has therefore developed a 360 degree neckband, as resistant to the cold during the infernal freeride descents as to the wind during the Sunday strolls in autumn.

As with our other products, a simple, seamless cut was required, as well as light, technical materials that could be customised. In short, something that adapts to the environment in which you live! So we find the eternal polyester, a friend of all sportsmen and women, for a classic straight and tubular cut with two sublimation zones for the different designs: one in front, and one at the back.

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A second material will make its appearance, but it is for the moment classified as a secret defence! Our clothing and textile research department is currently digging its heels in to find you a new revolutionary, soft, comfortable and technical material! We’ll tell you all about it when it becomes available on our site. So stay tuned!

Design Your Feats

Treat yourself, bring your own personal touch and create your own style. All our products are customisable: choose your colours, add your own motif… Let your creativity run wild. You are the artist!

Through our collections, our goal is to be part of a local and responsible production process and to become a must in the sportswear world of consumers. So, ready to design some feats with us?

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