4 March 2021
elyps clothing sportswear brand production benefits made in Europe

Since the creation of Elyps a year ago, our aim has always been to democratise responsible textile purchasing and to make your everyday achievements shine. This involves, among other things, highlighting the ethical know-how of Made in Europe.

Environmental awareness

At Elyps Clothing we develop everything in-house: products, models and designs. Why is this important? Quite simply because it gives us control over the making, production and sale of products at the right price. In short, it’s the freedom to act as we see fit, and to go in the direction we choose without (too) much hassle.

The real importance in all this is proximity! All our production takes place in Europe. In Portugal for the textiles (socks, T-shirts, neckwarmer), and in Bulgaria for our caps. Less transport, a local economic dynamic, product certifications, environmental standards and supervised working conditions… All this is good for us, and above all good for the planet!

This proximity allows us to ensure the quality and technicality of our products, to limit the number of intermediaries in order to limit our ecological impact. The idea is to offer you trendy parts that last over time, without exorbitant prices. Our garment division develops the products of tomorrow, the factories in Portugal and Bulgaria take care of the manufacturing and you will find them in your mailbox. Fast and efficient, don’t you think?

elyps clothing benefits made in europe production

To preserve, inspire, and deserve the world we want

The classic fashion circuit takes between 12 and 18 months to launch and present a garment. As soon as we have selected the materials and finished the patterns, the product is ready for the first tests! This reactivity is the result of a close collaboration between you (you answered our product questionnaire), us (who answer your request), and our manufacturers. In just a few weeks, you will have designed your next T-shirt or pair of socks, and you will have already worn them.

The clothes we design are made to be worn, worn again and again (it can take a long time), worn again and again… Our materials are durable, and thanks to sublimation, our designs don’t fade after 10 machine passes! No need to buy the same t-shirt with the same design 2 months after the first one. Our products are basics, of which you are the creator… With timeless collections and designs that suit you, goodbye overproduction and overstock, and hello responsible consumption!

elyps clothing made in europe products focus

Design Your Feats…

Through our collections, our aim is to be part of a local and responsible production approach and to become a must-have in the sportswear world of consumers.

So, ready to design your feats with us?

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